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Introduction of Rare-Earth Resources, Natural Minerals

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Germanium, the miracle element

Germanium, called the miracle element, is atomic number 32. A German scientist named Winkler first found out and named it germanium after his country.
Germanium is contained in plants and it is mainly found in the soil. It has been known that at some point, germanium may have a useful effect on the human body.


The Effect of Germanium on Our Body.

  1. 1. Oxygen supply in tissue cell (Keep brain activated young)
  2. 2. Immunity Enhancement (Restore self-healing power)
  3. 3. Improving blood circulation, purifying blood, increase blood pressure and
    regulating blood pressure (Remove thrombosis, cholesterol)
  4. 4. Controlling potential, Isolating hydrological, and electromagnetic
    (Control electrical flow as semiconductor)
  5. 5. Recovering gap – junction (Prevent development and metastasis of cancer)
  6. 6. Removing heavy metals, toxins and wastes
    (remove harmful oxygen, hydrogen ions, and environmental hormones)
  7. 7. Promoting secretion of interferon (dream anticancer material)
  8. 8. Emotional stability (modify personality, promote endorphin production)
  9. 9. Analgesic action (Inhibit enkephalin degrading enzyme)

"If you scan the doctors' clinical reports, you will see a remarkable effect surprising yourself : germanium, It is definitely a totally different operation in vivo than traditional medicines."
Some people say it is because they increase self-healing power, while others say it overcomes the limit of the self-healing power. There are no side effects and sometimes there is no cause for concern, only for healing crisis(a kind of healing response).
The phenomenon of healing crisis is something to be delighted with as evidence of the onset of healing.
Whatever it may be we can say that this mechanism of germanium belongs to the field of Oriental medicine, making the dream of oriental medicine come true for a long time.

Clinically, on all the diseases, for example, lung cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, neurosis, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, sinus infection, neuralgia, leukemia, encephalomalacia, fibroid, and cirrhosis, etc. , germanium has an amazing effect.
If we establish an hyphothesis, "Every disease comes from a lack of oxygen", then it is 'Interleukin-2' that make this hypothesis a truth, which is now popular for cancer drug in the dream, and it is a sort of interferon, so germanium is a variation of 'Interleukin-2' that is edible.

It can be considered as a mere accident that germanium becomes
the " Savior of the 21st Century " and it must be considered as a consequence
of some mysterious necessity.
It is regrettable that modern medicine has not found any substance that is comparable to the great forces that can support life, such as the Sun, oxygen, and water.
But according to the most recent information, the top level of the U.S. or Germany is said to be devoted to the development of oxygen curing disease for health, commercial use of oxygen as a food.
However, Germanium is the edible oxygen. On the other hand, if the immune system is healthy the immune cells fight back against these pathogens so you can always stay healthy.

Germanium is called "edible oxygen" or "immune oxygen", organic germanium is combined with three molecules of oxygen that are used to enhance the immune function especially in the presence of oxygen supply. it is confirmed by long term experimental research and clinical test, and also is confirmed by case-by-case recognition of Korea Food & Drug Administration.
- Dr. Asia -