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Introduction of Rare-Earth Resources, Natural Minerals

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Crystal of Healing and Jewelry

Tourmaline was a mineral created more than 10,000 years ago by volcanic eruptions as the magma forms a crystal at high temperature.

This mineral has many colors, so it has become the object of many people's curiosity and is called a gem from which the colors of God are most diverse.
What displaces Tourmaline from her use as a jewel of luxury and elegance is the fact that there are fewer bronchial tube patients in Brazil tourmaline mine than those of other mines, and the animated researches about why tourmaline crystals pull or push light things.
Many scientists began studying Tourmaline and along the way, the discover confirming the mystery power was revealed by Pierre Curie, the husband of the Nobel prize winner couple in Physics, and Jacques Curie, his elder brother in 1880.
They found that the Tourmaline crystal has a weak current flow of 0.06 mA as the most suitable current for the human body.


Permanent Electrical Characteristics
It is also called the polar crystal because it is the only minerals that exist on Earth that have permanent electrical properties.

New Materials For Health and The Environment
The anions and weak current (0.06 mA) produced in Tourmaline and far-infrared rays are
a breakthrough new substance being actively studied at universities and laboratories
worldwide for health and the environment.

The Birthstone of October
Known as the birth stone of October with opal tourmaline is a gem from the meaning of
joy, comfort, perseverance and overcoming of grief.

Power Stone
It is a power stone that generates far-infrared rays and anions by generating electricity
at the material due to radiant heat and friction.

Every Component Effect of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is composed of the main components as Mg(magnesium), Fe(iron), B (boric acid), Si(silicon) and Ca(calcium).

  • Mg(Magnesium)
    Activating cells, strengthening the heart and effective in the nervous system.
  • Fe(iron)
    Blood relationship, anti-bacterial.
  • B(boric acid)
    Effective for relationship of skin or mucous membrane by promoting growth and development.
  • Si(silicon)
    It strengthens the skin from the inside and affects the kidney, the liver, the pancreas
    and the stomach for good.
  • Ca(calcium) There is an action to promote the development of bones.

Every Characterisic Effects of Tourmaline

Tourmaline has the characteristics and effectiveness of weak current,
far-infrared ray, anionic anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects.

Tourmaline Belt - Experimental Results of Korea Far-Infrared Ray Association

It can be confirmed that it is one to two degrees higher
after wearing the tourmaline belt and the rate of far-infrared
ray emission was also high at 90.3 percent.
In particular, the weak currents emitted from the tourmaline can resonate 2,000 times a minute and penetrate 6 cm of skin.

Anionic, weak electric and far-infrared rays
which are currently produced from tourmaline are still
actively studied at world-class universities and institutes.

토르말린 온열밸트 착용 전후 원적외선 온도변화

왼쪽사진 : 일반열 전도율, 오른쪽사진 : 토르말린 원적외선 전도율

Experimental results from Korean Far Infrared Association
The test results show impressive effects with a radiation rate of 900.3 %.
The weak current emitted from tourmaline resonates 2,000 times a minute to penetrate skin by 6 cm.

  1. 1. Cold weather can be painful for people who are cold but it's shocking when their body temperature drops by 30%.

    On the other hand, if body temperature go up by one degree, your immune ability is five times higher.

  2. 2. It means that high body temperature can improve blood circulation and prevent diseases.

  3. 3. High-frequency heat treatment can help cancer patients.

Cancer cells at lower body temperatures were more active, and those who complain not only cancer but also languor, chronic fatigue and dry skin etc.
Abnormalities were found to be medically normal but in low temperature in about 90 %, when examined medically.